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Classic PR is one of our core competencies. Print has become much more popular again in recent months, according to Covid-19 experts. Classical print media are perceived as serious and reliable. They surprise their readers with well-researched and rousingly written texts instead of information selected by algorithms. We tell stories that are interesting for newspapers and magazines, but also for all other media. Because no matter whether print, online, TV, podcast or social media, they all have one thing in common: they need good and authentic stories. Only those who have something exciting to tell will be heard.



Der Tagesspiegel, Hotel Singer, Berwang

The Hotel Singer in the Berliner Tagesspiegel: In first conversations, even the owners of the hotel were surprised at how many stories there are in their house. It needed the view from outside. We learned about the Wendons, a sibling from Cornwall. For years they have been travelling to Berwang by car, in one go. We immediately had a certain journalist in mind for this special and sometimes humorous regular guest story. And there she was, thrilled, drove up and met the Wendons. The article appeared a few weeks later. You can also read it here


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