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Move let´s you know about new encounters and projects. Our work is different. That means in depth research at our clients´ hotels and quality copy the media is interested in. In Move, we tell stories and list the latest press releases. Of course, there´s also our own articles, published by our agency.

Quick Take off!

He is being trained by a tenor at La Scala in Milan. And he occasionally belts out an aria while working as restaurant manager at the Hotel Giardino Ascona. He breeds parrots and drives the same motorbike as Tom Cruise. And because Mauro Pacchioli is a pilot as well he likes to invite guests to a little sightseeing flight over Lago Maggiore.
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To Experience Stories

How do you define good press work and what is the difference between TN Hotel Media Consulting´s approach and other agencies? Hans Amrein, editor-in-chief of HOTELIER magazine asked Tomas Niederberghaus
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Simply the best!

Zwei Sterne, 16 Punkte und die Topnote 9,7 – Knapp ein Jahr nach seiner Wiedereröffnung ist das Zürcher Hotel Atlantis by Giardino bei Kritikern und Gästen das beliebteste Hotel der Stadt. Auch die Stars sind zurück
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Move is as diverse as hotel life itself. It even offers journalists ideas for featuring our clients´ places.

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